Narrowband Wireless Geolocator – hightech hardware startup

We are working for approaching of era of IoT. Now, all of smart sensor and IoT elements well to collect any of data – temperature, states, images and much other.
But none of this don’t able to simple answer – where self sensor is now. Most of “things” in IoT are covered from the skies and no global geolocation is available.
Most of current technologies of indoor geolocation is not quite precise and unstable, but small part which is stable don’t able to global scaling by natural physics

We approach the new stage in wireless technologies – self-organized systems (AD-HOC). The matter of all wireless networks is frequency band utilization and
planning. Geolocation service (GS) is a real-time tool for prepare maps with subscriber distributions. Our solution is a narrowband, is a unique technics that
provide compatible GS with the same band as main telecom signal. Other cases are modern rescue and emergency services, precision navigation and collision
prevention for groups of drones


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