Indoor location

NWG is a true TOA (Time Of Arrival) positioning technology and provide excellent precise and performance.

Main technological feature of NWG is providing high accuracy and small utilization of frequency band. This are targeting for using in ISM bands. For example, in standard Wi-Fi channel band 20 MHz the 0.7 meter accuracy is achieving. For standard Bluetooth channel band 2 MHz the accuracy of 5…10 meters is achieving. The pointed accuracy is independent by distance and stay linear. This is main difference from RSSI method (Beacon based, Cell ID, WiFi or other) which accuracy stay linear in short of ranges and have unacceptable exponinctial increasing of error in the long range.

There are same problem present in UWB. Short range in UWB caused by ultrawideband receiver highly sensitivity for co-systems interferences, industrial jamming and noises. NWG is still narrowband and provide excellent jamming reduction performance at the full of ranges,  and also much more efficiency at  power consumption as comparing with UWB.


Using the NWG for indoor positioning are reduce number anchors and beacons, as compare with competition technologies, increasing and stabilizing (fixing) accuracy at the full of ranges.