Emergency and safety

The efficient of search and rescue operations are always associated with duration of completing. And the sooner it will be started then more probability for it will completed with success.

Current search and rescue  systems are  using the pelengation for location. The searching equipment have big dimensions, because the antennas must be high-directional. Antenna is scanning area and process will continue while not be received the SOS-message from beacons(which are transmitting rarely). This process require much of time and this main lack of this method. After it will be happen, the result in not be a location, this  just only direction to placement of injured and distressed. For location this process must be repeated for other search equipment placement. This may to continue up to few days or weeks, and often the searching are not have the success story, because the battery of SOS-beacon is just uncharging within this time.

NWG are provide very fast and precise location of emergency beacon which transmit SOS messages.

The main feature in the required antennas – it must be omnidirectional. There are no scanning and waiting while antenna beam will be cross the target direction at the moment of beacon transmitting. All signals will be received. NWG are use the time based location method and estimate distance to target beacon at each time when beacon will transmitting the signals. No GPS/Galileo are required.